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Do All School Bureaucrats Lack Common Sense?

Published February 5th, 2010 by tcarpenter

The good people of New York City have been saved from a pint-size criminal.  It seems that Patrick Timoney, a fourth grade student at PS 52, dared to bring a weapon to school.  That weapon was a 2-inch plastic gun from his Lego set.  The PS 52 principal lectured young Patrick about the evil nature of his offense and threatened him with suspension.

Now, one might simply write-off this incident as the over-reaction of one school bureaucrat, except that a spokesperson for the New York City Department of Education subsequently defended the action.  She stressed that the district had a “zero tolerance” policy for weapons, real or toy, brought on school grounds.  Apparently the district also has a zero common sense policy.   Anyone with an IQ above room temperature should be able to tell that a two-inch Lego is not a weapon. 

And these people are paid to educate our children?