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More Idiocy From the TSA

Published January 16th, 2010 by tcarpenter

Just when you think the “security” measures at the airports can’t get any more absurd, along comes this gem.  It seems that the latest terrorist suspect is an 8-year-old Cub Scout, Michael “Mikey” Hicks.   The practitioners of security theater (taking highly visible measures to make travelers feel safer without actually making them safer) are alert to the dire menace that he poses.  They might have failed to stop the underwear bomber from getting on the plane, despite numerous warning signals, but they’re not about to ignore this lethal threat.  Little Mikey is on their watch list, and they subject the poor kid to a pat down whenever he and his parents try to fly.  Apparently, he has the same name as a real terror suspect.  But wouldn’t you think that reasonably intelligent adults could figure out that an 8-year-old is not the person they’re looking for?  Oh, wait… we’re talking about the TSA, where no intelligent adults need apply.

More Hair Micromanagement in Texas

Published January 12th, 2010 by tcarpenter

An update to last month’s decision by a school board in Mesquite, Texas to impose an in-school suspension on a four-year-old boy for the heinous crime of having long hair.  You can always count on bureaucrats, especially public school bureaucrats, to stick to a dumb policy no matter how much the evidence mounts that it’s a dumb policy.  True to form, the educational bureaucrats in Texas have offered a “compromise” to the parents of young Taylor Pugh, the miscreant who insists on maintaining a long hair style.  They can braid his hair–as long as the braids don’t come past his ears.

How a boy with braids is less of a “distraction” in the classroom (the official justification for the suspension) than a boy with long hair, I will leave it up to the Texas hair police to explain.  If this is the best that so-called educators can do with their time, I know a way that the hard-pressed Texas state budget could save some money.  Eliminate those positions and divert back to the state treasury whatever funds are used to pay for them.

Repeat after me: We are not the Taliban.  We should not try to dictate hair styles.