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Bureaucratic Control Freaks in Texas Schools

Published December 17th, 2009 by tcarpenter

If you saw this story, you might assume that you slipped back in time to 1959.   The educational bureaucrats of Texas have suspended a boy–a preschooler, no less–for having excessively long hair.  The tot actually looks quite dapper–at least in any civilized part of the country.   Furthermore, he was growing his hair so that he could later have it cut and donated to a charity that provides wigs to cancer victims who have lost their hair from chemotherapy treatments.  One would think that he would receive praise, not be bullied, for such a generous impulse.

Even if charity had not been his motive, such idiotic regimentation should have disappeared by the end of the 1960s.  But apparently it hasn’t in certain authoritarian precincts in the South.  I have a suggestions for the Texas hair police, who apparently believe that every young male ought to look like he’s planning to have a career in the Marines.  You have enough of a challenge educating the next generation, and most of the public schools aren’t doing a very good job at that task.  Stop trying to dictate such things as grooming preferences.  This is supposed to be a free country, and you might at least try to maintain that illusion a little longer with respect to your students.